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Rattan Conservatory Furniture

We currently offer five ranges within this brand, which are the Paris Suite, the Perth Suite, the Mirage Suite, the Montana Suite and Natural Rattan Chairs. The benefits of rattan are that the furniture is both stylish and contemporary exhibiting the natural strengths of the material. As rattan grows from fast-growing vine-type plants they are quickly regenerated after harvesting. Bear in mind when you are buying that we can sell the items as individual pieces or as sets. Needless to say, we aspire to have the highest standards of furniture for all our items. Further benefits and features of rattan are that they are easy to maintain and durable for many years when treated carefully.

Paris SuiteLooking at the Paris Suite, there are currently eight items within this range which are the Paris Large Suite, the Paris Medium Suite, the Paris 2 Seater Sofa, the Paris Armchair, the Paris Coffee Table, the Paris Side Table, the Paris Footstool and the Paris Scatter Cushion. This style of suite is a natural rattan tone with high backs for added comfort and style.

The Perth suite comprises of 9 pieces which are: the Perth Large Suite, Perth Medium Suite, Perth 3 Seater Sofa, Perth 2 Seater Sofa, Perth Armchair, Perth 4 Draw Unit, Perth 3 Draw Unit, Perth Coffee Table and finally Perth Side Table. This range of rattan is light in tone and presents a bright appearance - the dimensions are also generous in proportion.

Mirage Suite
The Mirage suite comprises of 10 items which are first of all the Mirage Large Corner Suite, Mirage Large Suite, Mirage Medium Suite, Mirage 3 Seater Corner Sofa, Mirage 3 Seater Sofa, Mirage 2 Seater Sofa, Mirage Armchair, Mirage Coffee Table, Mirage 4 Draw Unit and Mirage 3 Draw Unit. This form of rattan weave encompasses pre-stain lambang core 3 to 3.5 mm to produce a very natural finish.

The new Montana suite is made from natural finish water hyacinth that aims to provide a both stylish and durable set of furniture for your conservatory. There are available in both large and medium sizes. For the larger size, the sofa seats two people whilst for the smaller size it seats 2 people.

Finally in the rattan range, we also offer two types of chairs. These are the Captains's Armchair and Swivel Chair in addition. The dimensions of the Captain's Armchair are that it has a height of 104 cm, depth of 95 cm, width of 72 cm and the seat height (without cushion) is 45 cm. The dimensions of the Swivel Chair are that it has a height of 76 cm, a width of 87 cm, a base diameter of 55cm, a seat height without cushion of 36 cm and a seat height with cushion of 48 cm.

So, as you can see we offer many different types of rattan furniture and hope that there will be at least one (or more ) that will catch your eye. Certainly as you can tell this type of furniture is unusual and as mentioned benefits include that it is ecological being quickly able to replenish itself, is durable when given reasonable care and not to mention that it is stylish and contemporary. So how about giving us a call on 01564 79 6680 if you have any questions or ordering online if you would so like to do?