View Archive Conservatory Diner 5 July 2011

One of the great things about having a conservatory is the possibility of using it as an extra room. There are plenty of homes where there is no space for a separate dining room and families either eat in the kitchen or in the living room. If you would like to have family meals in a specially dedicated space, why not consider turning your extension into a conservatory diner. Nowadays there is a wide range of conservatory furniture available and turning your conservatory into a dining room couldn't be easier. Enjoy your food and your garden at the same time when you eat in your conservatory diner.

The great thing about a conservatory is its versatility, whether you want somewhere to relax with a drink after work, use as home office or turn it into a family diner. Enjoy meal times in an environment that is both peaceful and comfortable when you choose some of the excellent solid oak furniture that is perfect for your new dining room. Set up the right ambience for quiet dinners for two or for weekend family meals with different types of lighting. Keep the lighting low and intimate when there’s just the two of you, while overhead lighting is great for family dining. There is an increasing trend to entertaining at home, and a separate dining room makes the process much easier and more enjoyable, especially if there is entertainment in the garden after the meal.

barbecues and eating al fresco, you can please older guests by setting up a buffet meal and drinks in the dining room. You can decorate and furnish your conservatory to fit with the rest of your home and to add your own, stylish touches. If the interior of your home is more country cottage than ultra modern, a rustic oak chunky dining set is the ideal choice for your conservatory diner, add some bright, flower strewn blinds and seat pads, and you’ve completed your country style dining room.