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MGM Conservatory Furniture - Burford Suite

Are you a house owner who has taken advantage of adding a conservatory to the exterior of their home?  Conservatories are a wonderful addition offering an additional room to any home with the advantage of being a gateway out into the garden area.

A conservatory offers a blank canvas for decor and furnishings, and with modern conservatory furniture being ever more popular, one of the most popular ranges of conservatory furniture available is rattan furniture.

Rattan conservatory furniture is manufactured from a range of wicker type materials, all derived from the stem of a climbing plant of the genus Calamus.  In its most natural form it offers a sustainable material meaning it's environmentally friendly if you're looking for an eco alternative to more traditional materials such as teak or oak.  A lot of rattan furniture is made from a synthetic weave material, giving it the benefit of being extremely hard wearing and durable, whilst at the same time still offering the same great looks and luxurious feel.

Whilst synthetic weave is ideal for outdoor applications such as in the garden or on the patio, the quality of the synthetic weave furniture has meant manufacturers have been able to offer great furniture for indoor conservatory areas in synthetic weave.  Offering practical advantages as well, little maintenance is required for keeping it looking in fantastic condition all year round.  For instance, a simple wipe down with a damp sponge is all that is needed to keep it looking as good as new.

With the selection of furniture that is available for both conservatory and the patio, there is a wide choice to suit almost all budgets and tastes, with the added benefit that if you wish to extend your conservatory theme out onto your patio or decking area you can do so easily.  This offers a great way to tie-in your decor from home to garden, giving a true focal point to any garden area.  With such interesting designs available along with accessories such as coffee tables and planter boxes, you can be confident rattan furniture offers a little of everything for everyone.

With the great look of wicker you get from rattan, most rattan conservatory furniture features cushions which offer additional comfort at any time during their use.  With the facility to remove and wash the covers, these cushions offer plenty of flexibility with the ability to be removed and stored when not in use.  For instance if you’re using furniture out on the patio.

Ocean Designs - Keywest Suite

As furniture for the conservatory, rattan furniture offers the modern contemporary design looks you will enjoy.  With a range of styles to choose from and prices to suit, there is a wide range of styles and designs for any shape and size of conservatory.  Rattan will add a touch of sumptuous luxury and elegance to any setting, with practicality of comfort for those who wish to spend their time enjoying their surroundings accordingly, whether that’s in the height of the summer or through the colder winter months.