View Archive 5 Easy Makeover Tips for Your Home 18 September 2012

1. Clean and Polish

One of the quickest ways to makeover your house is to give it a good clean. Pay special attention to skirting boards and door frames, clean your windows, both inside and out and focus on your grouting and tiles to thoroughly transform your living area.

Hire a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner for just a few hours and your rooms will be lighter and brighter while all that extra exercise will work wonders for your figure too.

Easy Makeover - Start with a Vacuum, Clean and Polish
Simple Makeover - Start with a Vacuum, Clean and Polish

2. Declutter

Once the cleaning is finished it is time to remove the clutter from your rooms and bring more light and space back into your home. If you are emotionally attached to all those little accessories that can add clutter to your shelves, why not display just a few select pieces at a time, rotating them whenever you feel the need for a change.  

3. Accessories Make a Room

Whichever room you want to upgrade, be it the conservatory or dining room, adjusting the soft furnishings can change the look and style of the entire area. Giving your conservatory furniture suite a new set of cushions or replacing existing covers, will enable you to update your entire look and introduce colours, patterns and textures that will bring your home bang up to date.

Drift Conservatory Furniture
Drift Conservatory Furniture
4. Consider Your Lighting

When energy saving light bulbs first came out most of us took the plunge and replaced our beautiful lighting effects with unsightly bulbs that were either free or cost pennies. Despite the early days of large and ugly eco-lighting; the style, size and lighting effect of the newest energy saving bulbs has increased immeasurably.

Take a look in your local DIY store to find beautiful environmentally friendly bulbs that no longer need most of the evening to warm up but create sensational hues to your room providing ambiance and colour.

 5. Quick Kitchen Update

The kitchen can be the most expensive room in the home to completely renovate. However, with a lick of paint you can transform old kitchen doors into light and modern units that will bring space and light to your cooking area and delay the need buy a new kitchen for a few more valuable years.

Consider Upgrading/Painting Kitchen Units
Consider Upgrading/Painting Kitchen Units

Add pots of herbs to windowsills or kitchen shelves to create a gorgeous sensory effect in your kitchen which has a practical use in your cooking as well.