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Choosing Your Conservatory

Choosing Your ConservatoryIf you are thinking of having a conservatory in your garden then the first thing you should do is contact your local council to see whether you will need planning permission. Not all conservatory erections require planning permission but the rules do vary from one area to another so it’s best to check them out first.

Nowadays most conservatories are constructed from the same type of material as your windows, UPVC because it is a good insulator and lasts for years. If you have planning permission then you can set about choosing your conservatory. As with any major purchase you should take your time when choosing a conservatory, don’t buy from the first company you contact but get yourself a number of quotations. Glazing companies vary considerably in the prices they charge for constructing a conservatory so make sure that you shop around before you buy.

Choosing Your ConservatoryYou will be surprised to find that there are many different types of conservatories on the market these days. A conservatory will always add value to your home because it is often used as an extra room, either for relaxing or for dining. When you have a conservatory built onto your house it can add several thousand pounds to the value of the property. The style of conservatory that you choose will depend on three things:

How much you have to spend
How large your garden is
The type of house you live in

If you have a Victorian or Edwardian property then why not think about a conservatory in the Victorian style. The grand styling and domed roof that is typical of the Victorian conservatory will add extra value to your home and be a great place for entertaining family and friends. If you live in a modern home with a small garden then you may want to consider a sun room style this would make the best use of light and is smaller than many other styles of conservatory so would fit well into a limited space.