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Decorating Your Conservatory

Decorating Your ConservatoryA conservatory is a great addition to any home because it means that you can enjoy the beauty of your garden come rain or shine. If you are thinking of decorating your conservatory then you need to decide the purpose of this extra room. Some people turn their conservatory into a dining room while others want a year round garden room where they can relax with a drink or a book. Rustic oak furniture is perfect for converting your conservatory into a dining room while adding that traditional style. Your décor may depend to some extent on whether you intend the conservatory to be a personal refuge or somewhere for the whole family to relax together.

If you decide that you want to keep your conservatory as a garden room then you may want to consider keeping the colour scheme fairly neutral. Duck egg blue and fresh shades of green are ideal choices for a garden room as they reflect what is on the outside. Garden hued décor looks even better when you add the rugged texture of rattan conservatory furniture. No matter what colour scheme you choose stick to two or three main colours. If you have striped or floral cushions then try to ensure that the walls and paintwork echo the main colour in the soft furnishings.

Decorating Your ConservatoryNeutral coloured rattan conservatory furniture can take coloured cushions and you can either have matching curtains or blinds that blend in with the walls and paintwork. Most rattan conservatory furniture can be purchased as sets or as individual items. A complete set of rattan furniture will include a sofa, armchairs, a coffee table and a side table. How many pieces of furniture you buy when you are decorating will depend on the size of your conservatory. Decorating your conservatory may take time but you will appreciate the changes once the job is completed and you can relax in comfort in your new garden room.