View Archive Conservatory Lighting 4 May 2011

An increasing number of people now treat their conservatory as an additional room, rather than an appendage to their house or an extension of their garden. Conservatory lighting is now changing to fit in with the differing needs of people and the evolving use of conservatories. Interior design programmes on television have demonstrated how versatile a conservatory might be and how attractive it is as an extra room. In light of the changing nature of conservatories they have stopped being a space that no-one really knows what to do with, and are evolving into dining rooms, spare bedrooms and extra sitting rooms.
Modern conservatory lighting is far more in line with our concepts of living room lights, which means that in addition to central, overhead lights, there is now a growing selection of conservatory wall lights, table lamps and designer lighting. Nowadays there seem to be as many conservatory lighting ideas as there are bedroom and living room lighting ideas. Stark, modern conservatory wall spotlights and art deco styled brass wall spotlights are very popular Central conservatory lighting can be a single overhead light or it might be a three light spotlight. Whether you are looking for a formal living space or a contemporary place in which to relax, you are bound to find conservatory lighting that will suit your needs.
If your conservatory is highly stylised with art on the walls then you may want to think about a conservatory chrome picture light. Modern lighting effects may include three light bar spotlights or high spot antique brass uplighters. For people who like to sit in their conservatory of an evening and relax with a book, a flexible chrome floor lamp makes the ideal direct lighting companion. Table lamps can be utilitarian desk and reading lamps or attractive antique table lamps or elegant bases with matching shades. Designer conservatory lighting ranges from the reinvented nineteen seventies lava lamp to walkover lights, Marie Therese chandeliers and a table lamp shaped like an orchid. As our use of the conservatory is changing, so the range of conservatory lighting available is opening up.