View Archive Orangeries 24 May 2011

Orangeries are rapidly becoming the preferred extension for many people. When the warmer weather arrives homeowners often consider having an extension on the back of their home so that they can enjoy their garden in spite of the summer showers. Conservatories have long been a way for people to bring the outside in and enjoy their gardens all the year round. If you are looking for a quality extension with superior design then you may want to consider an orangery. Orangeries were originally brought by rich seventeenth century merchants who wanted orange trees, which would not survive the winters in northern Europe and so they were designed to let in as much sunlight as possible. While the buildings are no longer kept as depositaries for non-native plants, they are enjoying a new popularity, due to the added light and to their unique style.

Contemporary orangeries are much more elegant than their forebears and have a lantern roof and tall side windows that allow the maximum amount of sunlight to flood into the extension. Unlike modern conservatories, that often have glass walls, these extensions will have a lot more wood at the sides, or in some cases stonework. Oak hardwood orangeries are becoming extremely popular because oak is a wood that weathers well and that is uniquely suited to the more traditional design of that type of extension.

An orangery is generally more expensive than a conservatory. because of its often superior construction, they also have the added benefit of providing greater privacy than a conservatory because of the extra wood or stonework. Orangeries suit most homes but are usually considered to fit in with more traditional style buildings. Orangeries do not look out of place in a street of Georgian or Victorian houses, which means it is often easier to get planning permission for an orangery than for a conservatory. Many people prefer orangeries because of their elegant appearance, and the fact that they are often suitable for homes where an additional room is needed.